Are you looking for that bilingual or multilingual talent for your business?

In today’s fast growing multicultural market, your business needs to speak your customer’s language. Are you ready to actively compete in a multilingual global market?

Your business needs multilingual professionals who capture the global market and establish business relationships and make the difference and reach your target audience.

How we can help?

We provide intense assessments, reference checks and credential evaluations. Our recruitment experts have developed proprietary testing and assessment techniques to identify qualified talent in virtually any subject area and any culture. Our recruitment experts are each capable of assessing applicants’ foreign language and knowledge in any subject area.

>>Executives and Managers
>>Sales and Marketing Professionals
>>Finance & Accounting

>>Credit and collection
>>Full-Time Interpreters and Translators
>>Human Resources and Training Staff
>>Editors and Copywriters
>>Call Center and Customer Service Representatives
>>Administrative Staff
>>Cultural Consultants

Our service provides:

  • Screening as part of a recruitment.

  • Reliable language tests in work contexts.

  • Test administration to suit the client company's individual requirements.

  • Rapid turn around of test results.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of on-going language training.

Our (FSLA) Foreign Language Skills Assessment

Our Language Specialist will perform an assessment of a given applicant’s fluency in a given language. The assessment will be administered by telephone and by facsimile and consists of four abilities:

  1. The ability to converse in the target language.

  2. The ability to write in the target language.

  3. The ability to translate from the target language into English.

  4. The ability to translate from English into the target language.

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