Some of our workshops:

• Country-Specific Workshops & Reports
• Global Merger and Acquisition Integration
• Global Diversity

• Global Management Training
• Cross-Cultural Management Training
• Expatriate Assessment and Selection

At Book A Language, We believe in three basis:

  • Success has its base in the ability for people to work effectively across cultures.
  • Doing business across cultures requires more than just language skills.
  • By learning about cultural differences,  business can break through the barriers that may prevent the smooth flow of work across cultural boundaries.

Doing business across cultures requires more than just language skills. Learn to ask the right questions and understand the cultural nuances.You need to consider many aspects of doing business internationally; culture, language, and the political environment. Book A Language and our professional cadre of consultants can help you connect with your foreign business associates with training in the following areas:

  • Business protocol and social etiquette

Learn typical mealtimes throughout the day, best venues for business entertaining, punctuality for social events, dinner table seating etiquette, mealtime etiquette, importance of alcohol, toasting, guidelines for hosting a banquet/social event, what foods should be served/avoided, accepting and declining invitations, and more business etiquette Appointment Alert! - typical vacation times, recommended appointment times, length of the lunch hour, signals that indicate beginning or end of an appointment, best arrival time (early, late, right on time), and more on business culture info. . . Gift Giving - recommended gifts, gifts to avoid, good and bad colours for wrapping paper, how to present a gift to individuals and groups, guidelines for receiving gifts, sitting and presenting yourself in meetings and more on business etiquette info. . .

First Name or Title? - using titles such as 'Doctor', naming conventions to avoid, when to use first names, and more business etiquette info. . . Public Behaviour - how to greet strangers and introduce yourself, the rules for men shaking hands with women, acceptable demeanor, rules for eye contact, gestures/sayings to avoid, and more on business culture info. . .

Business Dress - is dress modest, conservative, etc., specific dress requirements for men and women, what visitors should wear to social functions, and more on business etiquette info. . .
Conversation - welcome and unwelcome topics of conversation, the role of compliments, the tone of voice to be used, whether your hosts are physical or more reserved, and more on business culture info. .

  • Cross-cultural negotiation skills

Cultural differences can have a dramatic effect on negotiation. You can’t negotiate with the Iraqi in the same way as you would with the Chinese. You can’t sell to the French in the same way you would sell to the Peruvian. Learn to adjust your negotiation style to each country’s set of rules with understanding and consciousness.
The culture may have a centralizing and Statist inclination (as in China), or it may be decentralized and business-orientated, as in the US. The group involved in the negotiations may include people which you never meet face to face; civil servants, the members of the Saudi Royal family, party members, members of Congress or of Parliament, State Senators, diplomats, shareholders, crime-syndicates and the wife of the company President. Learn negotiating tactics examining cross cultural differences in negotiation styles such as haggling, stalling, changing demands, seeking concessions and closing deals. Learn the value of connections and thinking styles, final agreements, adherence to company policy, and more business culture info . . .

  • Expatriate preparation for individuals and spouses

Often the failure of an employee on an overseas mission is due to the failure of adaptation to the new environment. Book A Language helps expatriates to make successful adjustment in three areas:
* work adjustment (regarding adjustment towards work role, tasks and responsibilities),
* Interaction adjustment (concerning interaction with host country nationals)
* General adjustment (in relation to the new environment including housing, food, shopping, ...).

  • Marketing and Image Consulting

Your organization cannot afford to function with a domestic approach in a global economy.
Learn recommended business card style and content language for brochures, promotional material, and preferred presentation styles, Make sure your marketing materials, written confirmation, logo and website has been screened for cultural suitability. Avoid costly mistakes.
During the World Cup soccer event One big multinational company offended some followers of Islam by putting the Saudi Arabian flag on packaging in London-area restaurants, included amongst the 24 flags displayed. The company did not realize that the Saudi flag prominently features the Shahada, the Islamic profession of faith: "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger." Since food packaging eventually ends up in the trash, this was considered both an improper use of the flag and insolent as well.
Our consultants are experts in the target country or region that you are doing business with or are relocating an employee on an international assignment.

  • Working with diverse cultures at home

You do not have to travel abroad to come across dissimilar cultural groups .Today’s workplace brings together an assortment of people with very diverse backgrounds and behaviors. Discover how Working together can constantly enhance your business in ways that benefit customers and partners, and that strengthen your employees interactions with one another. Find out how culture and politics impact your organization, and learn to reverse prejudicial thinking and understand how gestures and body language can differ between cultures.
Orientation for Foreign Employees relocating to the US in Learning about American heritage, tradition, and culture will help your newly arrived employee adjust to their new surroundings. A better-adjusted employee is able to better integrate with colleagues as well as customers and will be more successful in obtaining your corporate goals.

  • Multicultural Sessions for Home Markets

Discover how the Hispanic population in America is somewhat different from the Asian market segment. How to reach multicultural market by leveraging successful concepts that have cultural relevance and get insight and tips into how to leverage content across multiple mediums (from online, social networks to TV), viral marketing utilizing in-home media, partnerships with non-profits for grass roots initiatives, and concepts for brands entering the multicultural market. Build solid relationships with the communities you're targeting through loyalty programs,credit assistance, promotions, workshops and family events. Learn about purchasing preferences of specific ethnic groups and get Community-Specific workshops & Reports
Our multicultural experts take different approaches in reach African-American, Asian, Arab and Latino populations in the United States.
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