Also called conference interpreting, It is ideal for international conferences, seminars, diplomatic proceedings and legal trials. Simultaneous interpretation requires interpreters to listen and speak at the same time. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter begins to convey a sentence being spoken while the speaker is still talking. Simultaneous interpreters should be so familiar with a subject that they are able to anticipate the end of the speaker’s sentence. Because this type of interpreting require a high degree of concentration, it often needs two interpreters, with each interpreting for 20- to 30-minute segments.

In some instances, this type of interpreting is done from a soundproof booth. The interpreters wearing headsets immediately translate into the target language, transmitting to audience members wearing receivers.


This is more often used in small groups, one-on-one interviews, business meetings, press conferences and negotiations.

Consecutive interpretation begins only after the speaker has verbalized a group of words or sentences. Consecutive interpreters often take notes while listening to the speakers.When the speaker has finished, or comes to a pause, the interpreter reproduces the message in the target language.

Our highly trained Consecutive Interpreters utilize symbols for faster rendition of the message with the same intonation and emphasis as each speaker, without alteration nor embellishment.
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We can provide our business and private clients with high-quality on-site interpreter services and professional escort guiding. In cooperation with the client we can map out a stimulating cultural program for your overseas visit.
If you are expecting foreign visitors, we can provide the services of a qualified interpreter to accompany you or your visitors on both personal and professional excursions such as meetings and conferences.
Our Escort interpreters accompany foreign dignitaries and business people who are in the U.S. on training programs or trade delegations. These interpreters provide interpretation for all aspects of the trip, virtually around the clock.
Our escort interpreters will Make your visiting clients and partners feel at home and at ease while they are here. We will meet and greet your visitors in their own language at the airport and then escort them to you.