Why translate your technical documents?

Nowadays, going global is a business imperative, but it's only by acclimatizing your products to a local language and culture professionally that you can truly expand your markets and maximize your profits.If you operate internationally, technical and engineering documentation may be needed in local languages either for marketing purposes or for operational reasons. Whether you need to translate a maintenance manual for your circuit breakers, set up instructions for voltage regulator, software strings or technical specifications for turbine...Book A Language has large experience in the field of technical translations and in the provision of translation and localization services in technical terminology and procedures, constantly delivering finest quality.

Technical translations require the skills of a professional who is specialized in the theme of the document. Many of our technical translators are former engineers, and scientists.

At Book A Language, our technical translators combine their field expertise with exceptional translation skills to serve all your technical translation needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

Type of technical & industrial material we translate:

User interface
Online help
eb sites
Aerospace / avionics
Building technology
Civil engineering
igital imaging

Electrical engineering
Energy conservation
Oil & gas
Marine engineering
Mechanical engineering
Medical equipment

Medical equipment
Mobile telephony
Nuclear power
Science and physics
Space technologies
Television / broadcast
Waste management
Water purification

Thanks to the correct use of Computer Aided Translation tools used in the translation process of technical documents, Book A Language  ensures:

  • Graphics integration into the clients' documents

    • Network of translators worldwide working in all languages, qualified in all technical specifications
    • Quick-turnaround work with immediate estimate & dedicated teams working to tight deadlines
    • Free tests to select the most suitable translators
    • Competent management of large-volume projects
    • Systematic and rigorous proof-reading
    • Creation and storage of glossaries and translation memory banks – Trados software
    • Files delivered in all formats
  • Review by professionals

  • Optimization of facilities offered by up to date desktop publishing practices

  • Consistency of terminology and homogeneity of specific business language

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