Over the phone interpretation: How does it work?

Reasons to choose
Book A Language
24 x 7 access to over 150 languages
Pay-As-You-Go Fee Structure
ou pay only for the minutes you use.

Highly qualified linguists

Our interpreters are trained & specialized in industry jargons
linguist is bound by a confidentiality agreement to ensure client privacy. 

In over-the-phone interpretation, Book A Language interpreters listen to your limited English Proficient (LEP) client, analyze the message and exactly communicate its original meaning to you or your staff member.

Professional Interpreters

Only certified and trained interpreters qualify to represent the multilingual voices of your customers and prospects. From Arabic to Yoruba, our interpreters speak more than 170 languages and dialects and are just a phone call away from your

organization 24/7, 365 days a year. Book A Language offers a network of professional interpreters to tap the best language skills and resources.

Industry qualifications and Superior Quality

Our over the phone interpreters are familiar with your specific  industry whether  it is

healthcare, insurance, legal, or financial services. Book A Language ensures that your customers are connected to interpreters
qualified in their industry sector. You can be assured that your customer experience will be of the highest quality offered.

Book A Language conducts  rigorous ongoing training and quality control procedures to maximize the consistency of your high quality customer experience. Book A Language interpreters will convey your information in virtually any language, clearly and accurately.


Industries Solutions 



International Business

Hospitality/ Tourism

Consulting Insurance





  • Communicate in any situation

  • Save critical time in medical emergencies

  • Improve your customer service

  • Grow your international business

  • Travel with confidence

  • Solve problems with new insights

  • Build relationships worldwide

  • Expand your horizons

Our over the phone interpretation offers a low cost per minute that will help you communicate in a affordable way between languages. No setup fees, monthly minimums, or higher/premium costs for different languages. Whether for individual or corporate needs, our affordable services make it easy for you to communicate across languages, simply by using the phone.

  • Certified interpreters available 24/7/365
  • Low cost per minute rates
  • Support for over 170 languages
  • Complete confidentiality; HIPAA compliant
  • Quality assurance through call monitoring
  • No set-up fees or monthly minimums
  • No hard-to-find language surcharge


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